Global Sales-Enablement Demonstration Program

Client: Supplier of high-definition touch solutions
Topic: Global sales enablement demonstration program


Our client:

  • Was a company involved in supporting sales reps with demonstration gear for customer evaluation.
  • Needed strategic and operational plans to enable the establishment of a global demonstration program.
  • Wanted to acquire the necessary business processes to enhance traceability of assets, product utilization, asset recovery, and demand planning.


The challenges facing us were:

  • Developing a systematic way to ensure all inventory records were visible to sales reps and traceable through demonstration orders.
  • Dealing with the complexities of product configurations and testing requirements to ensure a successful demonstration.
  • Developing a global business model focusing on increasing first-time fulfillment, improving capital asset utilization through increased inventory turns, and consolidating services to reduce costs.


To address these challenges we:

  • Provided an in-depth analysis of current systems and worked with IT groups to establish an order entry system.
  • Worked with product engineers to understand product complexities, testing requirements, and numerous technology types.
  • Consolidated non-core business processes in order to reduce costs.


Our actions resulted in:

  • Real-time visibility of inventory and demonstration orders.
  • Same-day order fulfillment.
  • An 80% increase in asset utilization.
  • The establishment of an asset recovery program that ensured a steady flow of returned orders.