Demo Loan Program

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sales Organization

As the global leader in demonstration inventory management, Genesis helps increase your market share with unsurpassed order processing response time. Demo loan programs from Genesis can also increase your close rate, accelerate the sales cycle time, and effectively reduce your overall equipment expense—while increasing turnover in all markets.

More Focus, More Results

Extend your sales team’s reach with Genesis solutions for onsite customer demonstrations. We handle the equipment stocking, management, and revolving inventory issues so salespeople can concentrate on selling more of your company’s products and services to more customers in more markets.

Short-Term Loan Program

When you keep products available at Genesis sites, your equipment in inventory can be onsite for customer trials in a matter of days, not weeks, while maintaining full accountability for all assets in the field. This "available anytime" solution helps establish customer confidence, gains immediate footholds in key accounts, and reduces your overall sales costs.